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Texas Rangers Rumors

Of course most of the current Texas Rangers rumors involve top flight pitching so lets get at it!

The biggest Texas Rangers rumor is that the club is getting ready to offer a contract to the becoming well traveled Cy Young quality pitcher Cliff Lee. The main opponent for Lee's services appears to be the Yankees, who would have guessed that. Is this the complete blockbuster signing Rangers fans have been waiting years for? We don't actually think Lee is going to be worth the money he will get, there is a reason why he is starting to become an elite journeyman. Would we be happy if we got him, probably but we won't cry if we don't.

In other Texas Rangers rumors involving ace pitching the Rangers have apparently made some passes at trying to get the Royals Zach Grienke but the Royals demands our pretty unrealistic as they are said to want two young pitchers with ace potential back in return.  The Yankees again are in the mix on Grienke but there is a lot of talk his mental makeup isn't right for NY. If we had to choose between Grienke and Lee, that is a tough choice but we would get Grienke and save a little cash while loosing some top prospects.

The cheaper Texas Rangers rumors involve signing sinker ball pitcher Brandon Webb who hasn't pitched much the last two seasons for Arizona. Webb isn't likely to receive any guaranteed money but he has a lot of potential for 2011.  Actually in our eyes Grienke might be as big of mystery as Webb in 2011, so we say sign him. The Cubs and the Nationals appear in the hunt for his services, what no Brewers don't they need any potential starting pitcher with an arm still attached.

On the offensive side of things there is the Texas Rangers rumors that say Carl Crawford is a target. Well he is a target for any team with a little cash but apparently Crawford is interested in being a Ranger as well. The only catch is that probably means Hamilton has to switch to playing centerfield and that isn't the greatest, but we say do it. Crawford is a young player we really believe in, whoever signs this kid is going to look very good for the life of the contract.

Paul Konerko according to the Texas Rangers rumors apparently is a favored target of the club this off-season. Konerko had a very nice season last year and looks like a great guy to get but he is 34 and we don't see him being a good signing unless it is for 2 years and our guess with the season he had last year he will want more. Konerko is supposedly close with White Sox team owner Jerry Reinsdorf anyways, so look for him to resign there in the 13 to 14 million dollar range.

If you have any comments on these or other Texas Ranger rumors please share them below.